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Act honestly! January 19, 2010

Posted by Rastislav Bednář in 1.
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One interesting event has happened to me 2 weeks ago. I have purchased ring through an online shop for my girlfriend as a birthday present. All I have duly ordered, and they offered me that when the cost is over 50 EUR, delivery is  cost-free. So the final price of the ring was:

63 EUR

A week later, courier was calling me, that if anyone is at home, that there is a package worth 16 eur. I told him that it’s not possible, because my order was worth 63 EUR and not 16 EUR. I had doubts, what is going on. However, I have received the package, because I knew that it must be the ring. And it was!

I have been shocked, because I didn’t know whether I should be happy or worried. You know, I had special glamorous feeling as when you win something and now you say: “What if it’s the trick?”.

Thus began my hunt for a mysterious origin of amount (16 EUR). I had cost-free delivery of the package, for that is 16 EUR nonsense amount. And whereas it arrived to me invoice a few days later with final amount 63 EUR. I was quite thrown out of balance and I didn’t know what to do and I began to invent admirable theory about how they want everyone deceive and cheat me and things like that. It totally makes me sick.

When should I admit, the 16 eur I paid and I didn’t care anymore, I was happy that I saved 47 Eur. But as I said, more and more I was concerned that it will reveals the truth and I will look like a fraudster, thief and I don’t know what else. But there were still those 47 EUR, which I saved (I am still only student without my own income …).

OK, so I have decided to call the office first, if there is anything what should I pay when I have actually paid courier (I didn’t mention the amount ). They told me, if I paid to the courier, everything is OK.

As soon as I put the phone down, I felt a strange feeling of fraud, It’s not just me. My deed was and my heart felt that it’s wrong. Uffff … I tell you, it took me about an hour before I was sure that I will call back and tell them the truth. Before that I wrote a message to a friend to ask, what does she think about it. I wanted to know the opinion of another person. In essence, this would not be so, because every person should always act according to the will of the heart, and not to ask again for the opinions of others. Mainly for this reason that they do not know how you feel and how it all actually took place. Each of us are unique and each will decide about something, we do and feel in the same situation differently….Nevertheless I asked her, and she confirmed to me to call back and confess the mistake they have done. So I called them and corrected  made the mistake.

And that was it!

Message for you:

It  should be noted, that when something lucky happens to someone, someone else happens to be unlucky in the same time and vice versa. And the worst is, when you are aware that you have a good luck at the expense of someone else. In this case, it was the people in the company and the employee who incorrectly entered value of the goods. He/she would have to pay from his/her own wallet and you must think that he may have a family to be nourished or he/she  may have difficult period in life and so on. And I still bought the ring for my girlfriend, because I love her so much and money are losing their value for me!

If you do unfair and petty things, you need to realize that and evaluate all the consequences of your action. It’s simply not right to take from people what you yourself  feel as scarcity.

I know that you know that…

What the…?! November 29, 2009

Posted by Rastislav Bednář in 1.
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It seems normal to you? In my opinion, yes! So if you live in Slovakia, if you were from another country, so rather not. Anyway you know what I am saying? But if you aren’t from Slovakia, so probably not, but if you live here, you will not probably miss it.

Yes! Exactly! The system and those people who left hungry 7 days a young, 19 year old student before the parliamentary building, Adam Kurta. This immensely likeable young man in fact was able to do what everyone knew just talk. He has shown people that if you want something to change, u must take action. And he acted …

while the other slept, sat in the office, enjoying to eat and swear to the system…

“Something has died in Slovakia”

…he said.

My good friend Ivana Sendecka post a video about Adams story

Impressive, isn’t it?

After 7 days, Adam decided to change the form of protest because the arrogance of Members of Parliament is much stronger than his natural stamina, which really shows its size. The next video you can see his final speech …

The next day the meeting took place for Adams promotion in one of Bratislava pubs where several of his supporters gathered to decide on further steps against the continued and growing arrogance Members …

Ivana after Adams interview said:

“Adam, you can count on me and believe, that you are not alone with this opinion”

I am with you…



Zdá sa vám to normálne? Podľa mňa áno! Teda ak žijete na Slovensku, ak by ste boli z inej krajiny tak skôr nie. Mimochodom viete o čom hovorím? No ak nepochádzate zo Slovenska tak asi nie ale ak tu žijete, určite ste to neprehliadli.

Áno! Presne tak! O systéme a o tých ľuďoch, ktorý nechali hladovať 7 dní mladého, 19 ročného študenta pred parlamentnou budovou NR SR, Adama Kurtu. Tento nesmierne sympatický mladík totižto dokázal to, o čom všetci vedeli len rozprávať. Dokázal národu, že ak chcete niečo zmeniť, treba začať konať. A on konal…

zatiaľ čo iný spali, sedeli v kancelárii, zabávali sa, jedli a nadávali na systém…

Niečo, čo tu na Slovensku bolo, tu zomrelo


Na videu mojej kamarátky, Ivany Sendeckej môžte vidieť jeho príbeh

…neskutočné však?

Po 7 dňoch sa rozhodol zmeniť formu protestu pretože arogancia poslancov NR SR je omnoho silnejšia ako fyzická výdrž Adama čo naozaj svedčí o jej veľkosti. Na nasledujúcom videu môžte vidieť jeho záverečnú reč…

Na druhý deň sa uskutočnil meeting na Adamovú podporu v jednom Bratislavskom podniku kde sa zišlo niekoľko jeho podporovateľov, ktorý sa dohodli na ďalších krokoch voči pretrvávajúcej a rastúcej arogancií poslancov…

Ivana po rozhovore s Adamom povedala:

Adam, počítaj so mnou a ver mi, že nie si sám s takýmto názorom.

Pripájam sa…